Instituto Museu e Biblioteca de Odontologia
de São Paulo Dr. Elias Rosenthal

“His passion of museum started when he was very young.”

When his dream came true by creating the Museum of Dentistry of Sao Paulo, in 1986, he believed that the Museum should be dynamic and modern, so he decided to display exhibitions in many places, most of them in the Congress of Dentistry. In 1988, it was named “Instituto Museu e Biblioteca de Odontologia de Sao Paulo- IMOSP” - Institute Museum and Library of Dentistry of Sao Paulo”, a non-profit society , approved by the Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

In 1995, April 21st, at the celebration of the 400º anniversary of Tiradentes` execution, the Museum was opened in the new building of the APCD.

Thanks to the commitment of the IMOSP whole team under Dr. Arlindo Marques direction , the Museum was totally redecorated and reopened in September 2002. The new show room is on the 1st. floor of APCD building , at Rua Voluntarios da Patria, 547- Santana, in the city of Sao Paulo.

By decision of the members of the APCD and CONSUP (Conselho Superior do IMOSP), since April 2003, the museum was named “Instituto Museu e Biblioteca de Odontologia de Sao Paulo - Dr. Elias Rosenthal” under the management of Dr. Paulo de Oliveira Bueno.

Undeniably, the Museum is an important landmark of Brazilian Dentistry and certainly all those who come to visit it will be astonished with the rich collection, the excellent dental office arrangements, from early times up to nowadays - in details -, and a lot of other items.

In the reception of the museum there are some items that are worthwhile to be seen by visitors:

1. An album with an incredible set of comics, jokes and illustrations about Dentistry which were collected by Elias Rosenthal for many years. The simple act of leafing through the pages will bring moments of joy and pleasure

2. There is another one which contains a number of copies of printed art ,some of them were exhibited in Congress of Dentistry in Anhembi. Part of them belong to Museum Collection

3. This last work is an assortment of more than a hundred biographies of famous Brazilian dentists and its title is:” Famous figures in Brazilian Dentistry”.

4. The Child and the Dents - Prevention and Cleaning

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