Instituto Museu e Biblioteca de Odontologia
de São Paulo Dr. Elias Rosenthal

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View of the Museum
View of the Museum
with an X-Ray System
Dental Office of 1895
with a pedal drill
Dental Office of 1910
with an electric wall drill
Dental Office of 1920
Dental Office of 1930
with a "tree" style equipment
Dental Office of 1960
with a print of Saint Apollony,
patron of the Dentists
Instruments of the Roman
Empire - 1st Century - AC
Garengeot Key
Tiradentes' period
Denture made of gold with
dents of pocelain - 1820
Work-bench of prosthesis
1860 up to 1930
Oil lamp sterilizer
Laser device - 2001
Image of Saint Apolonia,
protective of the dentists,
made of carved wood
Miniature in gold of a chair and
pedal drill used for dentists
about 1895. It was made by
Dr. José D. Lima Pezza.